Since Microsoft utilizes data from Facebook in formulating search results for Bing, and Google+ can be used to “better” Google’s search results; I’m in the belief that a user’s search and social data could be used to create default search results.

Humans by nature are curious. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that users of any given search engine would use a default feature, just to see what links and or web page would come up.

If the default search queries presented search generated links based on relevant data obtained from users social and search experiences, coupled with marketers ad buys (keyword ad buys), default searches would be useful to both users and marketers.

Basic default search features by themselves would revolutionize how search engines work, but with a couple of relevant features added thereto; I’m 100% sure that search engines would be become a better ad medium.

I would go into more detail about the ways that default searches work, but I’m pretty sure that most people who find this posting interesting can imagine uses for such a feature.


I’m going to take a quick break from posting anything on this blog, and I will start back posting after 1 January 2013, and at such a time I will post at least three articles. And shortly thereafter I will post three drawings.

I would like to take this moment to think of my followers and viewers for their continued support. And I will try to get back to posting more frequent postings after the holidays.

Until then “Merry Christmas and happy new year.”


The first season of undercover boss was both entertaining and meaningful in many ways, and the viewer could see as much realness as could be expected from the individuals that appeared in such a recorded environment. It is common sense that being on camera (recorded) will motivate individuals to highlight their most positive side and to try to suppress their negative actions as much as possible.

The show was a brilliant idea, because the show was based on a unique/entertaining idea which was good for the network, and the show itself was valuable platform to advertise the brand of a company that appeared on undercover boss. Also, the viewer was thoroughly entertained.

Once the first season ended I figured I thought the show would either be reinvented for future seasons, or that it wouldn’t be produced for any other seasons. Once I saw the second season it was a failure in many ways-especially since the works being taped pretty much realized they were more than likely on such a reality show.

I started out as well the worker of the second and subsequent seasons started to tell more (heartedly) stories, and practically told the undercover bosses what they would like to get: (we haven’t been on a trip…) (I would like a motorcycle…) (I need tuition money…) Etc. At such a time I started to lose interest in the show, in the same way in which I lost interest in Jerry Springer and wrestling as a kid once I realized they were faked.

Some may say my criticism of the show as fake. Yet, one must come to grips with reality, and understand when something is no longer genuine.

This year I watched a episode and noticed the weak attempt that was made to stop any suspicion to the shows I did, and I was shocked as anyone would think that such a “competition story” would quell any suspicious thoughts about the shows real purpose.

The first thing that undercover boss should do in any failure seasons is to use hidden cameras, because any camera that are used which are hidden, directly or indirectly, will set off natural suspicions in the workers-especially since the vast majority of Americans know about the show.

If the show was to use hidden cameras they would show a more realistic environment at the workplace, because the workers wouldn’t feel the need to over emphasize their positive sides, and is much urgency of suppressing their negative side. They would only feel a slight need to adjust in the presence of a stranger.

I also can’t imagine workers failing to look up the identity of their boss and/or bosses after hearing about a camera appearance. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine any real differences in which the sum disguises that they where made. If the undercover bosses wore fake faces the comp petition story would have a better chance of being believable.

In short, I’ve come to believe undercover boss has run its course as a “reality show,” and can only be saved only if it is reinvented, and then and only then can it be labeled a believable reality show.

Will when I was younger I used to love reading the comic strips that appeared in my hometown newspaper. I stopped reading such comic strip a couple of years ago, because I pretty much grew up with content that appeared in them. Yet, I know a lot of people who continue to read such comic strips, and do not tire of such content. Even though I have grown away from the comic strips that have been appearing in the local newspaper, I still find the comments that appear in certain magazines to be entertaining, and feel as though other publications, such as business magazines, just published, strips also. Newspaper should allow advertisers to bid on one open comic strips slot, and allow the bidding to occur on such an open slot for each and every publication. Therefore, allowing advertisers to make more open opportunities to name and/or win a bid, people who enjoy reading comics trips normally have a handful of comic strips. In which they believe will follow, and they also normally notice and read any new comic strips that appear in newspapers and other publications.


, It’s easy to understand how and why comic strip slots would be a valuable space for advertisers to utilize. If publications wanted to make full use of and advertisement/comic strip strategy, they could make (create) a comic strip page strictly for advertisers…

Recently my sister made mention that she noticed that I used to post more articles on this blog months ago than I do at this present moment. I thought that others who read this blog most think about such stuff. Therefore, I’ll explain why I’m posting a little less really, and I’ll present some of my other thoughts here after.


There are a couple reasons why I have been posting articles less frequently lately. The main reason deals with the fact that I’m currently incarcerated. Therefore, I do not have daily access to research materials to adequately think up and present new thoughts/ideas more frequently. Nor do I have access to an abundance of physical things (pots, tools, etc.) In which I could question how such things could be modified to be more useful.


Some readers will question why not think about ways to modify certain basic items such as plates, pots, and so on-especially since such items aren’t that hard to think about.


Well, even though one may try to adequately think about such items, and ways to improve such items, I still imagine actively handicapped in two ways. First, I can’t adequately research what is and isn’t currently available in the market, and, second, most ideas for new inventions come from physically using items, then questioning its usefulness due to its inability to do certain things, and finally wondering how such an item could be modified in order to compensate for its failure.


Another reason for my current decline in article postings from months ago deal with my more direct focus on projects that I’ve currently been working on, which takes my focus away from other things.


I have quite a few things in which I want to talk about in future postings, which deal with new thoughts/ideas, continuing on the old postings, and so forth. Yet, I do not want to post a lot more frequently now, and end up posting a lot less frequently later. Therefore I decided to post articles at a suitable level.


One of my prior articles that I’ve been meaning to touch on deals with game pages inside magazines. A while ago I noticed a similar type of game page inside one of the magazine publications that I read. I also noticed that the game page only appeared in one issue, and I’m convinced I know why the game page didn’t make it in more than one issue, and such deals with a measuring systems that is based on Internet users. For it is hard to rate the effectiveness of such a game page based on Internet feedback, because a basic game page is the one that I viewed in Inc. Magazine or first company magazine couldn’t catch the attention of the average Internet user-especially since Internet users normally don’t have long enough attention spans to be adequately entertained by such game pages. On the contrary, most readers of physical print publications have longer attention spans. And are more easily to entertain and be entertained by such game pages.


I do understand that it’s hard to change for an ad placement within a game page without first acquiring/gauging the response rates. Yet, I also understand that the game pages on the Internet could’ve been Tweaked  In way is to makes such more appealing to Internet users, and the game pages could’ve been modified in relevant ways that would’ve made it easier to measure print publication game pages affected. Therefore, it is my opinion that the game pages and such about David publications should of survived longer especially since it would’ve worked in the long run.


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All the hype that I’ve seen surrounding the potential future uses of Google classes has been focused on the able eyed individual (who can see), and I have yet to see anything that focuses on people who are visually impaired, or better yet, “blind people.”


I understand that my people are within one of the smallest consumer basis, and building apps that are targeted at such individuals may seem to be somewhat wasteful. However, it is my belief that a corporation such as Google could only gain from planning and advertising future Google classes compatible for the blind.


Now I’m not suggesting for Google to make for commercials aimed at blind individuals, because such a strategy would seem to be logical. However, such capabilities that cater to the blind should have and highlighted appearance within the commercials that focus on the future capabilities of Google classes.


If it was up to me, I would create a personal that features not only blind individuals, but also deaf individuals, and relevant features that would make their lives better off.


I could easily visualize and describe several relevant ways Google classes could be utilized to making life better for blind and deaf individuals. Yet, I’m pretty sure that individuals reading this article can picture such uses on their own. Therefore, I’ll leave it to the reader’s imagination to envision the future Google capabilities that are hinted at above.

My Life

My life has had many ups and downs, just as everyone else in life. However, the twists and turns in my life led me down a road to incarceration, and I have been incarcerated for eight years now (since April 2004).

A year after my incarceration I was focused on trying to write a book. Then one day I had an aha ha moment pertaining to the mental birthing of my most important business idea, which obviously killed my passion, or better stated “ambition” to write a book. And from the day forward I have focus on relevant studies pertaining to the advertisement industry, and a couple meaningful companies.

Over the past seven years I have come to realize how important my initial business idea truly is, and I realize society as a whole would benefit immensely if/ when such an idea is put into effect. And during such a time frame in which I reflected upon the impacts that such a business idea could have on society, I tried to figure out a way to bring such an idea into reality without risking ownership of such along the way – especially being in the predicament that I’m currently in.

The first six years of such a time frame have been pretty much uneventful. But the last year that has passed by has been the most productive time frame of my life.

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent less time focusing on articles to post, in order to focus on getting the details right regarding a social/ music website, in which I and a good friend of mine are supposed to start working on creating next month.

During the past couple of weeks I’ve come to realize that we would be better off setting our plans for the social/ music website to the side, and pursuing another website/ phone app idea that I have, because such an idea requires a lot less upfront investment, and will produce a substantial return on investment.

After a successful launch of such a business venture, will we focus on starting the music/ social website – especially since such a venture would require much more money to get right from the beginning.

My Goals

My main goal is simple enough, and that is to have a “positive impact on society” by fixing the education system, reducing crime, creating jobs, having a positive impact on the environment, and so forth.

I know such a goal may seem real audacious, but in all actuality it is attainable if the underlying problems are dealt with in creative/ innovative ways. And I’m confident that 7 years’ worth of research will prove me right.

For the time being my initial goal is to get my most recent business idea from concept to an existing business. And to use the success that would result from such as a stepping stone towards having my main idea implemented.

In the near future, shortly after the launch of the most recent business idea of mine, I plan on using any and all resource available to me to get approved for an interstate compact (a transfer to another prison outside of Delaware). In order to have better access to art supplies, personal books, more opportunities, etc. which would in turn help me produce more and better blog articles.

My Art

The art that I have posted reflects my love of highlighting things two-fold. 1st – each drawing features a bit of color amongst a greater portion of black and white. And, 2nd – I normally highlight the lines of faces, bodies, etc. by using a solid color (for now, black) once I’m capable of having access to paints, I plan on highlighting the lines in faces, bodies, and so on by using different solid colors… and at times using multiple colors.

In Sum

I thank everyone for their patience during the past couple of weeks in which I have been posting articles at a very slow pace. After today I will start posting articles again on a more frequent basis.